Hall County 1914-1920 Disable or Invalid Soldiers

Article VII, Section 1, of the 1877 Georgia Constitution authorized the state to pay for artificial limbs for Confederate veterans. The Act of September 20, 1879, provided that such claimants could submit proof of eligibility to the governor who, on receipt of the claim, was authorized to draw a warrant on the state treasurer. Later acts and constitutional amendments expanded the list of disabilities for which confederate veterans could claim state benefits, such as the loss of eyes and hearing (1886) and the disabilities of age and poverty (1894). The Act of December 23, 1890, allowed for pensions to be paid to widows who were married during the war to Confederate soldiers who died in service of afterwards from wounds or diseases contracted in service. The Act of December 29, 1899, extended this coverage to include widows who, by reason of poverty, age infirmity, or blindness, were unable to provide a living for themselves. The Act of December 15, 1896, created the position of commissioner of pensions. Prior to this time, the comptroller general and the governor administered the claims. Between 1896 and 1939 the responsibility for administering the Pensions and Records Department within the state of Georgia. The Act of March 17, 1960, abolished this department and transferred its records to Georgia Archives. Georgia paid pensions to Confederate soldiers and their widows who were residents of Georgia at the time of the application, providing they met existing application requirements. Eligibility requirements changed from year to year. Military service or wartime residence could have been in another state. Soldiers and widows who left Georgia after the war were not eligible for a Georgia pension, but they may have applied in their subsequent states of residence. (Description from Ga Archives)

Veterans Name
Pension Application
Death Date
Service Information
W.H. Adams Gainesville , Ga Dec. 27, 1917 *
M. L Allen White County Ga Jan. 3,1921 *
Alfred Adams Clermont Ga * Co K,. 23rd Reg.
Joseph Broom Gainesville,GA Dec 26,1921 Co I , 24th Reg.
A. P. Bryan Gillsville Feb. 7, 1928 Co B ,11th Ga Reg.
S. B. Chastein * May 25,1919 Co. G, 49th ALA Reg.
N.B. Clark Flowery Branch GA Jan 1,1917 Co I, 16th GA Reg.
W.J. Childers Oakwood,Ga Oct. 12,1931 Co N, 28th GA. Reg.
John M. Dodd Dawson Co,GA May 19,1917 *
J.C. Edmonson Gainesville,Ga April 27,1916 Co K, 13th Ga. Reg.
A.C. Gailey Alto Ga * Co G, 1st Ga Reg.
C. V. Henry Buford Ga Dec 16,1915 Co D, 42nd GA Reg.
R.N. McClure Gainesville,GA Nov. 19,1915 Co I, 52nd GA Reg.
E. C. Mason Flowery Branch GA Oct. 11,1916 Co C, Cobb's Legions
Nathan Pruitt * Nov. 19,1915 Co G,24t Ga Reg.
D. H. Puckette Buford Ga Co H, 35th Ga Reg.
J. B. Pool Lula,Ga April 11,1925 Co I,24th Ga Reg.
R.S. Reed Oakwood,Ga Jan. 1,1915 Co D, 55th Ga Reg.
W.W. Reynolds Flowery Branch GA * Co K, 60th Gs Reg.
J. M. Smith Gainesville,Ga * Co K, 43rd Ga Reg
Russell Smith Gainesville,Ga Sep. 19,1920 Cobbs Legion's
R. D. Smith Gainesville,Ga * 22nd Ga Reg.
A. E. Sullens ** * Capt. Kelly Co. Cav.
R. M. Shore Lula,Ga
Co A, 7th Ga Cav.
L. L. Turner Transfer from Forsyth ,8-5-1916 Feb 4,1920 Co D, 21st Reg
Harvey C. Wallis transfer from Forsyth Dec. 16,1920 Co I, 38th Reg
G. B. White Buford Ga * Co A,1st Ga. Reg.
R. C. Young Flowery Branch GA-trans Fulton Co Nov. 15,1919 Co A, 11th Ga. Reg.



Transcribed from Microfilm, Ga Archives

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