Fraser Family Ghost Story

One of our Grandmothers was a sleep-walker. (maybe Della, maybe Bethsheba) Anyway... the circuit preacher was due to come and stay with them, so grandma whomever was making the house just so. She had cleaned the place top to bottom and fluffed the feather bed until it was nearly to the ceiling. Then she had warned all of the children not to even think about sitting on that bed. Finally the day came that the preacher would come. That morning Grandma woke up right in the middle of the feather bed....Another time, she woke up on the foot log that went over the creek or river that led to the spring. She was on the way BACK with two buckets full of water. The only "ghost story" that I remember was that there was a tree in the front yard that had been used for a hanging at some point (I have no idea when or why..may be better not to get into that), anyway, one of the branches made a loud human moaning sound every night. One of the Samuels got up ! and sawed off that branch in the middle of the night and it stopped. They said that it wasn't rubbing against anything and there was no rational explaination for it.

Mike Fraser

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