The following information pertains to the Jacob and Becca Self Crow family and their stay in Hall Co. Jacob was born in January of 1795 in Spartanburg, SC and wife Becca Self was born about 1795 in SC. They were married 8/17/1813 in Jackson Co., Ga. Their children were William Jackson born 1/1812 (date may be wrong or he may have been a child by an earlier wife), Spencer Bobo born about 1814, David W and a female born about 1820, Elizabeth about 1822, Riley G born 12/1823, Rebecca born about 1825, Jacob Marion born about 1830, and Wiley P born about 1832, and Sarah Adeline born about 1835.

Lewis Crow, Jacob's brother is also listed in Hall Co. Their father, Jacob Crow(e) died when they were still not of age and their uncle Isaac Reid was appointed their guardian in Jackson Co., Ga in 1807.


1817 or shortly thereafter moved into Cherokee Indian land on Flat Creek in what is now Hall Co., Ga. They along with other white settlers were asked to leave this territory , but there is a land deed dated 1820 in Hall County still on Flat Creek. Sister Patsy was there also.

Jacob stayed in Hall County and was a Sherriff. Isaac Reid remained in Hall Co. and lived until 1840.

Crows in hall County CROW: Zachariah,Burns, C B, Carlisle B, C B, J M, J W, Jacob, James, James M, Jon, Jonathan, Jonathan W,Langston,Levi, Levy, Lewis, QW Reubin,S B, Saml, Samuel B, Samuel,Saxton and Sion

Quote from book: July 24 , 1817 Sir:, I have received Certificate that the following persons have either moved or are actually removing within the settled limits of the state (vis) Lewis Crow, Jacob Crow, Levi Crow, Hugh Wilson, John Wilsn, Erwin Strickland, Simon Stricland,Bud Mulins, Jonn Mires, James Abercrombia, Senr.,Sion Strickland, Lazerus Strickland, George Davis, Edward Hawkins, Wm Mason, Wm Morris Baron Morris, Henry Morris, John Wagonan Howley Barton, John Diffy Thomas Abar,Wm Flanyan Caleb Mosley William Beaty, Jeremiah Tennon S Freeman Averty, & that William Stoker, & John Lessly have permits from the agent for the Cherokee nation I presume it may be Calculated that alll who have not Claims or pretended Claims to Indian protection are either already moved or will in a few days I am sir with Esteem your obt.servt. H Montgomery

Winners in the 1827 land lottery is from a copy of the original provided by Elizabeth Johnson. The original list and the records of the grants (including the fractional lots and the lots not claimed by the winners) are in the Georgia Surveyor General Department, 330 Capitol Avenue, S E., Atlanta. Ga 30334. --------information is reproduced below as folows: name of winner/district in Hall County where the winner resided/lot that was won in roder of lot number-district number-section number. The sections were: 1. original Lee County, 2. original Muscogee County, 3.original Troup County, 4, original coweta County, 5, original Carroall County. When a name appears more than once on the list below, it uually means that one person has won more than one lot. Abbreviations used in the list below include RS (veteran of the American Revolution) Ill. (illegitimate), Sol, (veteran of the War of 1812), and FA (aboandoned by father). Some abbreviations are not clearly understood. "H" may mean "of Hall County" and "F" may mean of Forsyth County." Jacob Crow/Wilsons/215-24-1

1848 Tax Digest Captain Morgans District: C.B.Crow, J. W. Crow by G Fenn agt., Saml. B. Crow, agt. for James M Crow

1820 Hall Co, Ga Census A Crow researcher believes that Jacob's Jackson Co. land became part of Hall County as a result of a line change and he did not move at this time. This land is on the far west side of Hall County very near the Forsyth County border in Hall Co. 8th District on land in lot 79, this is traceable from the legal description in the original deed to a modern Hall County, Ga. map.

1820, Lewis bought his land in the newly named/formed 2 year old Hall Co. from brother Jacob for $120.00 1821 Jacob sells a tract of land in Hall county to a man named Bartlett--land was in the town of Gainesville in the 9th District of Hall County on lot 150. 1826, Jacob bought the exact same tract back from Lewis Crow for $122.00


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