Hall County Civil War Companies

Hall Co. Cavalry, Capt. Dorsey's Co.,4th Regiment,GA. Calvary

Hall Chattahoochee Calvary, Capt. Robertson's Company,4th Regiment, GA Calvary,State Guards

"Hall Troopers", Capt. Gower's Company, 4th Regiment, Ga Cavalry,State Guards

"Pirkles Ranger"s", Capt. Pirkle's Company, 4th Regiment,Ga. Cavalry,State Guards

"Gainesville's Light Infantry", Company A, 11th Regiment, GA Volunteer Infantry

"Hopkins Pangers", Company D,7th Regiment,Ga. Volunteer Cavalry

Company D, 27th Regiment, Ga Volunteer Infantry, Hall and Gwinnett Counties " County Line Invincibles"

Company G, 24th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Company H 35th Regiment, "County Line Invincibles", Hall and Gwinnett Counties, Army of Northern Virginia.

Company I, 24th Regiment, Ga Volunteer Infantry, "State Guards,Volunteer Infantry"

"Hall Light Guards" ,Company F,43rd Regiment,Ga Volunteer Infantry

"Hall's Brown's Boy's" , Company F, 43rd Regiment, GA. Volunteer Infantry

"Hall Volunteers", Company D,55th Regiment,Volunteer Infantry

Dubignon Cavalry, Company A,Calvalry Bn, Phillip's Legion, Ga Volunteer ( Baldwin,Cobb,and Hall Counties)

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