James Hardee (son of Christopher Hardie and Pamela??. James was born August 29,1804 in the Laurens District SC. and died April 26, 1879 in Hall County, Ga. He married Susannah Brock on Jan 22,1833.

Susannah was the daughter of Elias Brock and Hannah Abercrombie.

James Hardee is buried at Dewberry #2, Hall County Ga. The children of James and Susannah were

1.Ataline Hardie born August 13,1834. Died DEC 02, 1909. Husband named Keith ??

2. Elias B Hardee born May 18, 1836. Died July 11,1905

3. Young A. Hardie- Born March 09,1838. Date of death unknown.

4. Angeline Hardee, born October 10,1840 in SC died Sept. 10, 1927 in White County Ga.

Angeline married Josiah W. Blackwell Apr. 07, 1859 in Hall County.Josiah was the 1st rural route mail carrier in Dip Georgia. The name Dip was changed to Clermont about 1900. A picture of Josiah on a horse postman can be seen at the museum in Gainesville Ga. Josiah is buried at Dewberry #2, Hall County Ga.. Joshiah was the son of Starling Willis Blackwell and Lucy Seay. Born April 6th , 1835.Spartanburg District SC. Children of Josiah and Angeline were

1. Mary Susannah Blackwell born July 4, 1860 , Hall County Ga. She died July 15, 1948 in Hall County. Ga.

2. Young Sterling Blackwell was born October 2, 1863 , Hall County Ga and died July 15th 1954 , Hall Co Ga.

3 Reuben Lee Blackwell, Born April 18, 1868 and died in Calhoun Ga Feb 9, 1954

4. Dempsey Joroyal was born June 6, 1874 died December 22,1952

5. James Dillard Blackwell born Dec. 15, 1871. Died May 15, 1956.

6. Margaret Cynthia Blackwell born Aug. 16,1878 died April 20 1951.

7. John Sanford Blackwell born May 2, 1878 died Jan 1 1953

Children of James Hardie and Susannah Brock continued.

5. Elizabeth Emaline Hardie born Sept. 26,1842 she died March 9, 1883 Buried At Oconee Bapt Church Jackson Co GA. Elizabeth Emalines 1st husband was unknown Eubanks. It is thought this family lived in the vicinity of Yonah Mountian in White Co Ga. Mr Eubanks failed to come home after the Civil War. Elizabeth Emaline and Mr Eubanks were the parents of

1. Cleo. Family lore has that Cleo married a Eubanks. The family moved to Chattanoga, Tenn. Cleo birthed a son named William who may still live in that area.

2.Pamalee N. born July 9, 1860 died March 25, 1937. Pamielee married Joseph "Joe" Hayes who was born on April 30, 1853 and died July 14, 1926

The graves of Joseph and Pamielee are marked by a common gravestone.

. There are two single headstones in the Hayes lot One is Omie Hayes Born 1887 died 1962 The second is Ada Hester Hayes born 1862 died 1970. Based on the birthdate of Omie it would appear she is the child of Joseph and Pamielee.When considering this it appears that Ada is Omie's wife. They could be brother and sister instead.

The Hayes graves are at Calvary Bapt. Highway 60(Candler Highway)

Eliazbeth Emaline Hardie 2nd husband was George Cornelius Vandiver. Who is a veteran of the 13th GA CAV. organized in Jackson CountyThe Vandiver family lived n a farm at Dry Pond Jefferson Ga.

6. Margaret A. Hardie born Jan. 10,1845 died Aug 21,1910.

7. J. Cornelius Hardie born Oct 8,1847 died Aug. 10, 1929

8. Richard B Hardie born Sept 5,1849 died Jan 2, 1922

9.Hannah S. Hardie born Oct



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