James H. Brock



James H Brock

State of Georgia

Hall County

Last will and testament of James H. Brock.

I,James H. Brock of said State and County being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament.

Item1st- I will and desire my soul to God who gave it to reign with him through eternity.

Item 2nd- I will and to my wife L.E. Brock all my property both real and personal for and during her natural life.

3rd- I will that my wife sells personal property such as she can best spare to pay all my just debts

. 4th- I will and bequeath to my three children namely Annie M Martin, and Emma J. Shockley and Ida M. Marchbanks, the sum of one hundred and fifty($150.00) each as I have already ,gave my son Wiley H. Brock one hundred and fifty($150.00) dollars heretofore: then if there is a remainder left I will it to be equally divided between my four above named children.

5th - I will that Wiley T. Shockley as Executor to carry out this my will and testament. This the 28th day of July the year of our Lord 1904, Nineteen hundred and four.

James H Brock

signed in the presence of

H.W.T. Gaines

H.A. Gaines

T.E. Highsmith J.P.

sworn to by T.E. Highsmith as a witness Sept 5, 1904

Wt Shockley was named and sworn as Executor on Sept 5, 1904


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