John D. Simmons


John D. Simmons


Hall County

The will of John D Simmons Decd.

Last will and testament of John D. Simmons, I John D Simmons being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament.

Item 1st - Whereas I have given my son J.O. Simmons ten acres of land including certain mill and gin property thereon, I now give him $75.00 in addition to be paid to him at the distrubution of my estate which shall be his full share of my estate.

Item 2nd- For the love I bear for my daughter , F.L. Simmons for her obedience , kindness , services and faithful attention in taking care of her Mother and myself in our aged and afflicted condition, I give her $250.00 and my horse and buggy, I now have and my cow her choice of cows I now have, I also acknowledge her right and title to her organ which has been kept and is now in my house.

Item 3rd.- I will that after my death and the death of my wife and after all my just debts are paid and all burial expenses of my wife and myself, next my daughter F.L. Simmons shall ahve her part ststed in Item 2nd, next my son J.O. Simmons shall have his part as stated in Item 1st.

Item 4th- I will that all the residue of my property be equally divided amoung my children except J.O. Simmons whose full share has been apperirted ? in item 1st

. Item 5th- I do hereby appoint R.D. Smith and Wm Hancock Executors to this my will. In testimony whereof I have set my hand this 19th day of Nov 1898

John D. Simmons


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V.M. Hampton

R.B. Wilson

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