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State of Georgia County of Hall Personally appeared in open court before Joseph Duneyan, Wiley E. Wood and Nehemiah Garmon, Justices of the Peace, Abel Kendrick, a resident of said county, aged 75 years the 14 of March 1834, who being duly sworn, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832, that he entered the service of the United States under the following officers and served as herein stated. Some time in the spring of the year 1779, I volunteered into the company of Capt. William Grant as a private militiaman for three months tour of duty, was marched to a place called Fair Forest where I joined the Regiment of Col. William Wofford and marched to Augusta in the State of Georgia, though we were stationed on the South Carolina side of the river. General Williamson had command of the army at this place. After remaining at this place until my term of service expired, I was discharged and returned home. In about two or three months after getting home, I was drafted for a three month tour as a private militiaman into Capt. William Grant's Company, marched to Fair Forest and found Col. Brandon's Regiment and marched to Savannah in the state of Georgia and attacked the British forces in the city, but were (I couldn't decipher this word. LSM) and compelled to retreat. The Regiment then returned (?), my term of service having expired, I was discharged by Capt. Grant and returned home. Some time in the year 1780, I was again drafted for three months as a private militiaman with Capt. James Stein's Company, and joined the Battalion of Major Jolly and the Regiment of Col. Brandon and marched to Charleston in South Carolina and from there to a place called Camden on a river called Watanee(?) at which place my term of service ended and I returned home. After being at home a short time, I was again drafted for three months as a private militiaman into Captain Grant's Company and attached to Col. Brandon's Regiment and marched to Blackstock's Ford on Tiger River where we had a slight engagement or skirmish with the British in which engagement the British retreated, but our officers believing the enemy would be reinforced that night, ordered a retreat of eight or nine miles and encamped. Shortly after this, my term of service expired and I returned home. Page Two - Pension application of Abel Kendrick, RS Some time in the year 1781 I was again drafted into the Company of Capt. Robert Montgomery for a tour of three months and attached to Major Jolly's Battalion and joined the army under the command of General Pickens and marched to the Eutaw Springs at which place we had a general engagement with the British. General Green being chief in command at that place on the American side. I was in this engagement which I think was on the 8th day of September, 1781. I was discharged shortly after this engagement and returned home. Some time in the spring of the year 1782, I was drafted for a three month tour against the Cherokee Indians, was under the command of Lt. Henley and Col. Kilgore. At the end of said tour which was spent in marching from one Indian town to another, I returned home after suffering with hunger and fatigue and apoplexy. In a short time I was again drafted for three months against the Indians and marched in various directions through the county for three months. Was discharged (and for which two last tours I hereby relinquish all claims, being informed that it is not recognized by the Dept. of Military Service). I have no documenting evidence except these herewith submitted. I hereby relinquish all claims to a pension or annuity except the present, and declare that my name is not on the pension rolls of the agency of any state. 1. Was born in Hanover County, State of Virginia, on the 14th day of March 1759. 2. I have a record of my age at home. 3. I lived in what is now called Union District, State of South Carolina, when called into service. I remained in Union District, SC, until about 20 years ago when I removed to Franklin County, State of Georgia, and from thence to Hall County, where I now live and have lived for the last 13 years. 4. I volunteered into the first tour of duty and was drafted in all the others. 5. I recollect to have seen Generals Green, Pickens, Williamson, Cols. Brannon, Kilgore and Major Jolly. Page Three - Pension Application of Abel Kendrick - RS 6. I have never received any written discharges, they all being verbal 7. Elijah Taylor, James Gilmore, Col. Ezekiel Buffington and Samuel R. Oliver, Esq. and Middleton Brooks and the Rev. Wiley E. Wood are persons in my present neighborhood who would testify as to my character. Sworn to and subscribed this day and year first written. JOSEPH DUNIGAN, JP ABEL (His Mark) KENDRICK Hall County, Georgia Personally appeared Aaron Guyton of South Carolina, who says he was in the war with Abel Kendrick, and served with him in the Battle of Eutaw Springs. September 10, 1833 Personally appeared John Whelchel of Georgia, who says he served with Abel Kendrick at the battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina on the American side. May 24, 1834.

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