Oaths of Liquor Licenses- 1853-1865

This list is from a record book located at the Hall County Courthouse. This registration and oaths were necessary to sell "spiritous Liquors" It is also used to register anyone peddling merchandise in the County. If a location is given this was the only place mechandise and or liquor could be sold . If not it was issued to be used County wide.



Crawford Fausett, at residence

Stephen Brown, Chestnut Hill

Lewis Tumlin, Gainesville

Newman Greene, Natutalized Citizen (Peddler)

Charles M. Tuggle

Eli G. Cofer, Gainesville

John M Welchel, Peddler

Andrew J. Maddox, Peddler

Benjamin Bryan. Jr.


Wm J. Dickey, Gainesville

William Elliott


Jas. W. Davis

Jacob Pirkle Jr., Chestnut Hill

Cullin Humprey, Gainesville

Andrew J. Pool, Poplar Springs

Fransis Mooney

John Bentley, Sugar Hill

Wiley Jones

Henry Cooper


Obed Smith, Gainesville

H.W. Blake

S. S. Kimbrell

S.A. kelly, Gainesville

John E. Odell

Washington G. Head, house near J. T. Black's


N.H. Skinner

John C. Merck

Yancy Hall

Fransis O'Conner, Big Wahoo

Henry Terrell

Wm J. Carr, Peddler

Charles Tuggle

John Martin, at the crossroads

Martin V.B. Pugh, near Martin Pugh's and near the residence of Henry Beard

P.D. Majors

Asa Griffen

William S. Stanley, Gainesville


John C. Kendrick, Poplar Springs

Bennett S. Freeman, at Milton Tuggles

J.H. Reinhold,Sugar Hill

Wm. Bryant

William Rylee

Thomas Buffington

Jeter Bryan

A.J. Shockley

Henry W. Beard

William H. Bartin


Joshiah Lauifer, peddler

Moses Fowler , near residence of Mitchel A Fowler

Henry Gibbs

Geo W. Swafford, at Bark Camp

Thos. Byrd

Josiah Priest

Samuel Lesser, Gainesville

Geo Washington Tanner , Sugar Hill

J.C. Durham


Seaborne Carter

David Michael, Peddler

Riley Ferguson

Edward Ferguson

Morris W. Cash

Wm. J. Carter, Gainesville

Garlan Floyd

Coleman Crow

William S. Barton

Wm H. Braselton

Thomas Byrd


James Pugh, near dwelling house of Henry W. Beard

Wm. Abercrombie

James W. Gould

Ezekial Buffington

C. H. Furr

Benjamin Michael, Peddler

John Robertson


Wm Rogers

John M. K. Hare

E. H. Clements


Edwin Skinner

James H. Lockman, Gainesville

Wm McNeal Daniel


L.H. Hall, Gainesville

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