State of Georgia

Lumpkin County

Last will and testament of M.F. Whelchel. I, M.F. Whelchel of said county and state being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament (Hereby revoking all other wills heretofore mad [sic] by me).

Item first:

My daughter Louisa L. Whelchel having remained with me and her mother during our old age and during the declining years of our lives and She having waited upon us and attended to our wants and administered to our necessities, and my son John M. Whelchel having at all times administered to us and he having helped us in a Substantial financial manner, having made large advan[unreadable] of money to us from time to time as we needed it, and my wife Josephine A. Whelchel, being in her old age and in feeble health, I will devise and bequeath to my Said wife Josephine A. Whelchel all my property both real and personal including my household and kitchen furniture, and all other property both real, personal and mixed to real Estate consisting of Two acres mor or less in the City of Dahlonega in the County of Lumkin and State of Georgia, known as Cisna [best guess on the name] place and being the property on which I now reside, and what is known as the house lot located and joining Said Cisna lot on the East Side Thereof to have and to hold the same during her natural life and after death the same to be eaqually divided between my Said daughter Louisa L. Whelchel and my Said Son John M. Whelchel, [unreadable] to have and to hold the Same Jointly in fee Simple for ever, upon Condition never the less that the Said John M. Whelchel Shall before he Takes his interest therein pay all my Just debts, funeral exspenses and the burial exspences of Said wife Josephine A. Whel chel and all cost and exspenses of probating this will and all cost of administering my estate, [unreadable].

Item 2. I will that my Executors hereinafter named after the death of Said wife pay to my daughter Emma Miles of Whitfield County the Sum of five dollars out of my estate and in [unreadable] manner that tha pay to Gertrude Smith Ledbeter, Lucile Marian Smith, Milton Smith, Jr. Ruth Smith, and Guy Smith, children of my deceased daughter Mary Whelchel Smith the sum of one dollar each and in like manner to L??a Whelchel Viola Whelchel Peral Whelchel Gain?tte Whelchel and John Whelchel the children of my deceased Son Albert Whelchel the Sum of [one?] dollar each these legasies are made for the purpase of Showing my Said Child Emma Miller, and my above named Grand Children that I had not forgotten them and Their parrents tha all understanding that son John M. Whelchel and my Daughter Louisa L. Whelchel have done so much for me that my whole estate is quite in Edequate to pay them for the Service tha have rendered to me and my Said wife.

Item 3.

I hereby nominate and appoint my Said Son John M. Whelchel my Execitor and my daughter Louisa L. Whelchel Executrix Jointly of this my last will, and Testament, and I direct that tha be not required to make any bonds as Such, and that tha also be not required to make annual returns or other exemplif[unreadable] of their actings and doings as executor of this my last will and Testament or of my estate to any Court. [unreadable] whereof I have herunto Set my hand and Seal This the 18th day of March 1907

M.F. Whelchel [L.S.]

Signed Sealed and published by M.F. [unreadable] his last will and [unreadable] The undersigned who Subscribed our names hereto as witnesses at the instance and request of Said testator and hereto are witnesses per his presence and in the presence of each other.

Stephen Rice

H.S. Rice

W.S. Huff

Georgia Lumpkin County We John M. Whelchel and Louisa L. Whelchel do Solemnly Swear that this within writing contains The true last will and Testament of the Within named M.F. Whelchel deceased so far as we know or belive and that we will well and truly execute the Same in accordance with the Laws of this State So help us God.

John M. Whelchel

Louisa L. Whelchel

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this the 10th day of July 1907

GG Evans, Ordinary

Filed in Office May 18, 1907

Recorded July 16, 1907

G.G. Evans, Ordinary

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