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DIANE Lavina Bowen married Charles R. Simmons in Hall Co. Ga., 9 June 1850
DIANE Sarah Elizabeth Brooks married William S. Simmons, Sept. 25, 1856 Hall Co.Ga.
BILLIE Mary Ann Butterworth married Jonathan Teverton Jones 29 January 1846,Hall Co.GA
BILLIE Rachael Emaline Butterworth married William F. Jones 29 January 1846,Hall County GA
DIANE Lucy J. Davis married William R. Hancock, Dec 23, 1856
VICKY India Deal married Chester R. Jones August 22,1886, Hall County
LYDIA Mary Jane Deal married Larkin Wright July 1, 1868 in Hall County Georgia
DONNA Malinda Eaton married Briant Brown Bradley, August 02, 1828, in Hall County, Georgia. This marriage was recorded in "Hall County Marriages", Book A, page 35.
DIANE Sarah Ellison married Charles R. Simmons in Hall Co., 23 Nov. 1837
DIANE Mrs. Laura M. Farmer married W.R. Hancock, May 17, 1908
DIANE Agnis A. Gill married Joshua R. Simmons , Jan 14, 1836
REGINA Amanda S. Godfrey married William H. Campbell, October 17, 1872
DIANE Ann Harbin married Burrell Hancock, Dec 23, 1876
DIANE E.C. Harbin married James S. Hancock, Feb. 22, 1871
BILLIE Elizabeth S. Hamilton married Andrew Jackson Butterworth 02 December 1856 Hall Co. GA.
DIANE Emeline Hancock married James J. Thomas,Sept 21, 1871
DIANE Hillie Hancock married R.J.Highfield, Dec 23, 1900
DIANE Lizzie Hancock married J.O. Bryant, Dec 16, 1897
DIANE Lucy Hancock married W.A. Langford, Mar 7, 1897
DIANE Lula E. Hancock married J.B.Langford,Jan 10,1892
DIANE Mary Hancock married J.S. Hancock , Sept 2, 1866
DIANE S.E. Hancock married J.M. Watson, Mar 14, 1865
DIANE Sarah A.Hancock married J.P. Lipscomb, Dec 12, 1888
BILLIE Rebecca Hawkins married James M. Butterworth 11 September 1856 Hall Co GA
WILMA Susannah Elizabeth Hendrix married Joseph Franklin Alexander, 8 Jan 1852, Hall County,GA

Parky Pride Hix married Isaac Clement Butterworth 20 December 1820, Hall Co. GA.

DIANE Mary House married John A. Hancock, June 8, 1860
DIANE Mary Hyde married John Taliaferro Simmons in Hall Co., 23 Dec. 1858
BILLIE Christian Harriet Jones married John Bevel Butterworth 11 May 1856 Hall Co. GA
VICKY Florence Faye King married David Allen Jones May 8th,1944 Hall County ,JP Frank Wood
VICKY Lottie Irene Langford married Ernest Ratliff Jones December 14th, 1919, Hall County
DENNIS Malinda Elizabeth Martin married John Richard Moore 13 May 1860. Marriage certificate reads "Richard More" and "Elizabeth Martin."
BILLIE Sophronia A. Martin married James M. Butterworth 02 March 1843 Hall Co. GA
DIANE Esther H.MCGuire married James Hancock, Dec 16, 1841
JXSR Rosa A. Millwood married Thomas Martin December 25,1877 by Henry H. Beard J.P.
DIANE Selina Parker married Edward Doss,Aug 2, 1827
Carolyn Savannah Vandessa Pierce married Thomas C. Powell 25 Sep. 1887 , Hall County Ga
DIANE Elizabeth Simmons married Peter Etris, Dec 18, 1831
DIANE Laura Louisa Simmons married Alonzo Alfred Brooks, Nov 22,1860 Hall Co.,Book A , Page 371
DIANE Nancy Eveline Simmons married John McP B. Brooks , Dec 28 1865 Hall Co., GA. Book A page 457
DIANE Sarah R. Simmons married Josiah H. Gill, Nov 12, 1839
DIANE Susan A. Simmons married James H.J. Brooks July 27, 1867 Hall Co.Ga.,Book A Page 512
DIANE Virginia L. Simmons married William J. Hancock in Hall Co, 24 Dec. 1881
DIANE A.N. Smith married H.C. Hancock, Nov 5,1868
DIANE Cassie Evaline Timm married William J. Doss, Dec 7, 1837
DIANE Mary A.(Polly) Rylee married John D. Simmons in Hall Co.,3 Nov. 1836
DIANE Sarah E. Watson married James B. Hancock, Oct 15,1871
CLARE Susan White married Lemuel Jones on 12 Oct 1826 in Hall Co., Ga.
VICKY Louisa J. Williams married William Freeman Jones August 26, 1857 Hall County
DIANE Elizabeth Yarbrough married Benjamin F. Stockton Dec 14, 1837


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