Hall County Poor School

Application for tuition for child ? son Strawder Hill (may have been crossed out) Whitlocke to go to James Williams School

Polly Whitlocke, Jan. 1, 1826


Application for tuition of my children Littleberry, Robert, and Dennis Hill

Rachel Hill , Jan 1, 1826


Application for tuition for my children Martha, Seth, and Jane to attend James Williams School

Sarah P. Poole, Jan 1, 1826


Application for tuition for my child Joseph to attend James Williams School.

Allen Harrington, Jan 1,1826


Reciept for expenses for teaching William, Juda, Elisabeth and Rebecca Kendrick, Feb 7 1826

Geo J. McCleskey

Eli Lofton paid for teaching Sabra Ann Woods


J.M. McCleskey of Oliver's District paid for Wm and Eliza. Kindrick


Eli Lofton paid for tuition for Jesse Harbins Children and Amariah Hembree


At an extra meeting help on Aug 7, 1826, James Williams made application for the following children, Elizabeth and Littleberry Sims, Willis and Polly Sims, Nancy Hughbanks, Samuel and George Cox, Strawder Whitlock, Jane, Seth and Martha Poole, Salley Harrington, Frances Harrington, and Josiah Slaton.

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