Lavina Simmons


Lavina Simmons


Hall County

I, Lavina Simmons of said State and County being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make ordain and pulish this my last Will and Testament.

Item First- I will amd direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian manner suitable to my condition in life and that all my funeral expenses be paid by my excecutors out of my estate

. Item second-I will and direct that all my just debts be paid. Also that the sum of eighty five dollars and sixty cents be paid to my son B.F. Simmons which sum has been advanced by him in the payment of the my deceased son C.W. Simmons.

Item third-I give bequeath and devise to my beloved husband Charles R Simmons the house and lot where I now live on North Street in the city of Gainesvillein said county together with all my household furniture and the sum of two thousand dollars due to me by the Knight of Honor upon a policy of insurance upon the life of my deceased son C.W. Simmons. Also any and all other property whatever description that I may own at the time of my death, to have use and enjoy for and during his life. My said husband to have the possession of my said property which I wish delivered to him by my excetutors with the right to sell any part thereof that he may deem best also to have the right to expend such amount of the corpus and income of my said estate as he may need or desire- But I direct that in no event shall any part of my said estate be subject to the payment of any debt contracted by my husband before my death.

Item fourth-At the death of my husband Charles R Simmons I will and direct that my exceutors take charge of all my said property mentioned in the htird item of this my last will and testamnet that my remains, and convert the same into money and divide it into seven equal shares and pay it over to my seven grandchildren to wit Charles Gower,Thomas C Gower, and E.N. Gower the children of my deceased daughter Mary E Gower, Mamie L Simmons, Allie Simmons, and Della L Simmons the children of my son B.F. Simmons and Charles Morse the child of my deceased daughter Carrie Morse to each share alike: Item fifth-I hereby constitute and appoint my son B.F. Simmons and my son in law N.A. Morse as Excecutors of this my last will and testament and direct they give bonds as such

This Febuary 11th 1892

Lavina(herx mark) Simmons SEAL


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