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July 26,1878

Shubal Bolin died at Lula GA on the 15th, aged 104 years. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. He settled at the place in 1814 and has been living there 64 years.


May 1883

Baby found Partly- On Friday morning Mayor Findley brought into the town square the hand and arm of an infant found in James Findley's pond. , the balance of the baby having probably been eaten by German Carp fish in the pond. How the baby got into the pond no man will tell yet. The matter is in the hands of city police. We hope the mystery will be solve. No really good community ought to allow babies fed to fish, if they can help it.


March 1898

Thomas Jackson Marker- Harrison and Hunt have completed a monument for one of th e oldest men who ever lived in this county. The person for whom it was made is Thomas Jackson , who during his life was a prominent Hall County citizen. He was born Sept 25, 1726 and died January 18,1838 and was 111 years 1 month and 23 days old at the time of his death. The Jackson family graveyard is on the Harrison Martin place, 4 miles north of the city.


May 19 1882

William J Sloan was born in Hall County Ga in 18 41 and at an early age entered a printing room. and soon became an expert in "art Preservation" and an able and forcable writer. (part of page missing)


Gainesville Public schools

June 1894

The following is a group of student that have made the highest average in their studies in the respective grades

High School Dept

Wk Dozier

WH Hosch

Frank Looper

Julia Palmour

Attie Randolph


Seventh Grade

Louise Green

Bertie Simons

Latimer Randolph

Lottie Smith


Grammer School- sixth grade

Joseph Bickers

l:izzie Irvine

Arther Mitchell

Harold Telford

Charley Grower

Masie Johnson

Claude Stovall

Emma Smith


Fifth Grade

Walter BArrett

Kelsey Dozier

Helen Johnston

Geo Butts

Mary Johnson


Fourth Grade

Ralph Banks

Alma Henderson

Leone Dorsey


Third Grade

Louisa Bell

Ruth Gardiner

Mabel Loden

Daisy Dobbs

Green Henderson


Second Grade

Lucille Canning

Dora Dykes

Anna McConnell

Harvey Ferguson

Arthur Roper


First Grade

Ham Castleberry

Ella Hargrove

Pauline Montgomery

Ernest Ham

Ratliff Murphy


Broad Street School

Fifth Grade

Julia Bearden

Alma Boring

Ora Lyle

Bessie Bickers

Laura Finger


Fourth Grade

Mary Chandler

Robert Lemmons

Vashti Lemmons

Clara Williams


Third grade

Ruth Cannon

Mattie Woodliff

Fred Finger



James Hope

Etta Mae Hynds


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