Will of William Freeman Jones

Research of Will of William Freeman Jones


Hall County Courthouse, probate Court docket and records room. Gainesville, Ga

According to records shown William Freeman Jones died intestate. The first entry is on January 4, 1884 granting Louisa J. Williams admin. rights as requested by William F. Jones. Then on Febuary 4th, 1884 it is shown in an Affidavit that Louisa J. Jones failed to comply with the court order of $1600.00 bond for adm. Jonathan I. Jones son of the deceased. W. F. Jones does come forward to accept adm. He tendered $2000.00 as bond. There are several more normal petitions of the court such as 12 month support for Widow, Louisa J. Williams and two minor children, Lucy A. Jones and Mary I Jones. This was acknowledged on July 9, 1884. A new entry of petition of the court entered on August 3, 1884 by Jonathan I Jones, swearing he had dutifully tried within the letter of the law to collect monies owed to the W.F. Jones estate. He was not able to collect, $30.00 - M.M. Jones, $1.90 - Thomas Jones, $16.00 - J.B. Harrington, $10.00 - ??? Simmons. Debt ordered insolvent.

On page 460 of docket C - List of detailed inventory. Almost totally unreadable. Top of Page is, SALE BILL. 4 columns with descriptions and purchaser. I will list a few I can read.

one sythe -J.K. Perry

one Pr stock- J.A. Payne

one empty barrel-J.E. Chumbler.

one flour keg- J.A. Elrod most of the rest is unreadable,

July ?? 1884 Inventory for appraisement

One hundred acres of land $1000.00

35 bushels of corn ($1.50 Ea)

$26.25 300 bundles of fodder

$4.50 1 chain, ax , ???

$ 1.00 4 feather beds

$9.80 1 lot of bed clothing

$15.00 4 bed steads

$3.00 1 calf and one riding saddle

$21.00 1 table 6 chairs,

one cook stove $6.50

1 lot knives and forks $ 50 (I think this is fifty cents)

1 breadtray, 1 waterbucket, 1 chest, 1 chair, $ 2.35

1 book $ .75 one looking glass $.50

1 note signed by M.M. Jones for $30.00

1 open account from J.B. Harrington for $10.00 dated Feby. 14 , 1884

Jonathan I.Jones Was discharged from adm. duty July 2, 1887

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