Muster Rolls for J. T. Jones

Enlisted Silver Run AL in March 29, 1862 for a period of 3 years.

Listed as a Private in Capt McKibbin's Co, 31st regiment, AL Infantry

* [note: this Co. was designated at various times as Capt. McKibbins Co., Co. E and Co. F.]

According to a payroll record he was paid $3.75 for 15 days and was detailed on extra duty in Hospital number 2 at Knoxville, Tenn. He appears on their Hospital Muster Roll May 1st to July 31st 1862 as a nurse.

His company listed him as missing June 13, 1863.

His name appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Morton, Ind. ( no date given)

Records indicate that Pvt. J. T. Jones of the 31st Ala. Co. F was captured at Champion Hills on 5/16/63 and exchanged at City Point, Va. on 7/14/63. Muster rolls continued: His name appears as a signature to a Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Fort Delaware, Del, July 3, 1863 stating that he was captured near Champion Hill, May 16, 1863. He appears on a recipt roll for clothing at S. C. Hosp. Petersburg, Va. on Sept 2, 1863. From Mary Ann Jones' account we know that he arrived home very sick on Sept 17, 1863. In her account as well as the Register of Officers and Soldiers who were killed in battle or who died of wounds or disease, she states that he died March 6, 1864

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Jones, William F. -- 1st Corporal - August 24, 1861. Being unfit for field service he was detailed for hospital duty March 3, 1863. Served as detailed nurse in Jerusalem General Hospital, Virginia June 30-July 23, 1863. Received pay Richmond, Virginia October 29, 1863. No later record.

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